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About Alamelu Children’s Homes


Alamelu Children's Home is a Canadian charity, 86331 1866 RR001, registered with Canada Revenue Agency All donations are tax-deductible in Canada.  All donors will receive tax receipts


For more than fifty years, the Sri Kanyakumari Gurukula Ashram (SKGA) has cared for abandoned infants and neglected children, providing accommodation in clean basic cottages, plus education and health care.  SKGA is located at the southern tip of India, in Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu.

SKGA is a modern welfare organization in which traditional Indian values of cooperation, tolerance and social awareness permeate programs offered to the poorest of the poor.  SKGA is a non-religious organization.
SKGA also provides community service,  and is committed to serving rural children, especially girls, young women and the elderly.

Since the 1970's, Alamelu Children's Home (Canada), a Toronto based organization, has been financially supporting the Sri Kanyakumari Gurukula Asharam (SKGA).  You can support a Child at SKGA for $20 (cdn) per month.   Fully tax deductible in Canada.

Canadian Connection

In Canada, the Ashram is supported by Alamelu Children’s Homes (Canada), a small group of donors and volunteers who provide sponsorship of individual children, maintenance of a particular program, or raise funds for projects such as:

  • Constructing a permanent school building
  • Constructing a water reservoir
  • Providing furnishings, curriculum resources and supplies for the school and library
  • Furnishing an examination room, drug lock up and sanitary latrine for the clinic
  • 100% of all donations made are remitted directly to the SKGA Ashram.
  • All activities of Alamelu Children's Home (Canada) are made by volunteer directors, without any compensation. Continuing to add to the self-administered revolving loan set up for emergency purposes for those who work at the ashram          

From "India Abroad " article

…..Robert Nelder and Peter Lakin, retired schoolteachers, who have a Toronto-based support group that raises funds for the Sri Kanyakumari Gurukula Ashram near Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu, India.

Lakin said India lacks sufficient resources for the development of orphan or destitute children.

"There’s no infrastructure in terms of their physical development, in terms of their education, in terms of their becoming adults," he said.

Lakin added that the Gurukula Ashram helps meet the needs of such orphans or destitute children.

"Its goals are to meet the daily needs of the children, to provide adequate education and medical care," he said.
– article by Ajit Jain (April 26, 2002)

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