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Message from the President Peter Lakin, November 2013

Peter Lakin, Founder and President

As  President of Alamelu Children’s Homes (Canada) I have been committed to supporting SKGA for more than forty years and visited the Ashram for the first time in 1978.  A Canadian group had already been formed to raise funds to support SKGA at that time by an elderly retired teacher, Mr. Fleet Berry and I have continued in his footsteps supported mainly by friends and colleagues.  

In 2002 Alamelu Children’s Homes was recognized as a charitable organization in Canada. Virtually all the funds we raise are donated directly to the orphanage. Our board is entirely volunteer; there are no paid staff, and our expenses are minimal (bank charges, postage, etc). I have just made my seventh visit to SKGA this winter (2013). I have watched children grow up and start families. I now correspond with several on Facebook. Most have normal working class lives; some have excelled. One young woman has become a doctor.
Another is a successful lawyer in Chennai (Madras) with two young children. I attended a wedding on February 14 (!) of another young man now working in IT in Bangalore. SKGA now has support from groups in France, Denmark and Holland as well as from us in Canada, but the 2008 recession hit hard.  

Support from Europe has been reduced to a trickle while we in Canada are holding our own. A few years ago SKGA had 175 children under their roof and now it has less than 130. The cost of food in just a few months in 2009 doubled, and it continues to climb along with inflation which has hovered around 9% for several years.  
We need your help more than ever to continue supporting the children there.  
Peter Lakin, Toronto 

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